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Congratulations! You have downloaded R and RStudio.

This is an R Markdown Notebook. When you execute code within the notebook while youโ€™re using RStudio, the results appear beneath the code. This will be handy for working through the material outside of class.

If you are currently reading this in RStudio, try executing this chunk by clicking the Run button within the chunk (the green triangle) or by placing your cursor inside it and pressing Cmd+Shift+Enter. If you are currently reading this using a web browser, you can hide or show the code that produces various outputs by clicking the Hide/Code button on the top right of the code โ€œcellโ€, but you cannot execute the code. It may help to have this notebook open in RStudio and a browser window at the same time, so you can navigate between them.

Execute this code now, then save this file (Cmd+s on Mac, CTRL+s on Windows). Once you have done that, you can refresh the browser window and you will see the graph appear.